The Solution to Reduce Plastic Bag Waste

M&C Group of Companies is part of the solution to reduce plastic bag waste.We make a few purchases and pop them into a plastic bag. The number of plastic bags we use and toss is overwhelming. An average M&C Group of Companies retail shopper uses about 150 bags each year (According to M&C Group of Companies retail sales transactions data in 2021). To reduce plastic waste that is strangling Saint Lucia's environment, M&C Group of Companies retail outlets will gradually [...]

Volunteer Group Newsletter May – June 2021

Over the years, M&C Group of Companies CRS (Cooperate Social Responsibility) initiatives have been a low profile within the local market. M&C Group of Companies decided to develop an employee volunteer program to drive CSR initiatives.The M&C Group of Companies Volunteer Program called Caring In Action was established to cultivate advocates for the company’s CSR and donation initiatives.  In addition, invest time & effort in the local community and its people. In doing so, building a volunteer team dedicated to [...]

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