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Social Responsibility

Volunteer Group Newsletter May – June 2021

Over the years, M&C Group of Companies CRS (Cooperate Social Responsibility) initiatives have been a low profile within the local market. M&C Group of Companies decided to develop an employee volunteer program to drive CSR initiatives.The M&C Group of Companies Volunteer Program called Caring In Action was established to cultivate advocates for the company’s CSR and donation initiatives.  In addition, invest time & effort in the local community and its people. In doing so, building a volunteer team dedicated to [...]

Covid-19 Food Donation

M&C GROUP OF COMPANIES GIVES BACK TO SUPPORT SAINT LUCIA'S COVID-19 RELIEF AND RECOVERYM&C Group of Companies, Bridge Street (June 8, 2020) – As Saint Lucia is faced with the unprecedented impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, M&C Group of Companies stands with the Saint Lucia community to help limit the spread of the virus and ease the related economic hardships.There has been an increase in the demand for essential resources as a result of school closures and the rise of unemployment [...]

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